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THE GREAT GATSBY BY F. SCOTT FITZGERALD is about a guy whose friends and neighbors are swinging couples in the 70s. His main neighbor, Gatsby, throws a bunch of parties hoping that a lady named Daisy (my daughter’s name!) would attend. Gatsby has been pining for Daisy for five whole years and it never occurred to him to find someone else. Daisy ends up fooling around with him while Tom, her husband, is fooling around with someone else, who ends up in a hit and run with Daisy. Before this they all hang out together and wonder why they aren’t having a good time! I swear most of the people written about in these books are not too swift. Although I shouldn’t be too hard on them because my neighbors engaged in some swinging too back then. Of course no one died like the characters in this story. Instead one of the husbands and one of the wives ran off together, leaving their respective spouses, Joe and Jill, behind. Joe and Jill tried to make a go of it too, but it turns out that they didn’t like each other very much if there wasn’t any cuckolding going on. Jill ended up moving to New Hampshire with another woman and Joe stuck around and eventually opened a vacuum repair shop. He met a lot of ladies that way. He even hit on me one time back when Dusty had taken a sabbatical to Lake Placid. He said that both people in a couple need to have their extracurricular fun so no one has an excuse to get jealous. Well I wasn’t about to take advice from a divorced vacuum repairman. Anyway I was having plenty of fun tracking a family of Red-throated Loons.
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